April 03, 2006

This weekend I....

had such a nice, relaxing time. No plans. Just fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants fun. The weather was spring-like. Friends were in abundance. Life was good

Sis and I went shopping. Bought lots of stuff to continue on my current creative outlet - paper crafts. Lots of alphabet stickers and paper. It's getting rather addicting. Now I just need the inspiration to actually use what I've bought.

The bro was over for the weekend. New car included. Took me for a spin. Was brave enough to let me practice driving a stick shift. We, along with "welcome back," went to the first service in our church's brand new building. So cool. The building is beautiful. You could just feel God's presence during praise and worship. Good stuff.

And Battlestar. Oh, how you taunt me. It's so freakin' good. I had a scare though. They almost killed my "Battlestar boyfriend," as I like to call him. I only have one more episode to go and then I have to wait like the rest of the world for season 3 to begin in October. Uhhhhhh. If you still don't believe me. Check it out on itunes or run as quick as you can to Best Buy.

And then there was Lucy...

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