April 03, 2006

Lost Lucy

Once upon a time there was a dog named Lucy.
She liked to explore.
See new fun places.
Smell new smells.
One night she decided to go out past her yard and explore a little bit further than she should have.
It was dark outside and she got lost.
Home seemed very far away.
She began to howl and bark trying to get someone's attention.
"Help! Help! I'm lost! Where is my house?"
Then she heard someone whistle.
Quickly, she ran over to find 1 very nice boy who picked her up and carried her to a house.
There were 3 girls in pajamas waiting at the house. They gave Lucy hugs and pats so she wouldn't be scared.
Lucy looked up at them very happily. She barked again, "can you take me home?"
But the 3 pajama girls and 1 nice boy didn't know where she lived.
So they bundled her up, gave her some water and a nice warm chair to sleep in for the night.
The next morning, after many phone calls, the 3 pajama girls found her family.
They quickly came to pick her up and take her home.
Before she jumped into the car, she turned around and gave a "thank you" bark to the 3 pajama girls and 1 nice boy.
What a fun adventure!

The end.
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