April 11, 2006

The luckiest

Today, I was watching "Everwood" which I taped last night because I was watching Jack Bauer save the world at the same time Ephram was in the depths of despair. 2 shows at the same time is so annoying! I've really started to enjoy that show and last night sealed the deal. It's sweet, sappy, fun family drama. It makes me laugh and last night it made me cry. What more could you want.
So, the reason I loved it was because they played one of my favorite songs in the world at the dramatic end of the episode. "The Luckiest" by Ben Folds. If you have never heard it, stop now and go listen (when checking itunes for it, I noticed there was one labeled "clean." I think that's the version I have). It makes me smile everytime I hear it. Plus a good friend with whom I have shared lots of fun memories and laughs introduced me to that song. It reminds me of our summers of working together too! (you know who you are!)
Music mixed with video is one of my favorite things in the world. It adds so much when placed appropriately. Good stuff...

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