April 24, 2006

Playing catch-up

I have been so busy with other stuff that I have a huge back up in blog entries. Then today, when I tried to begin posting, the system was down. arggg. Had to keep trying and finally, it's working! Here's a catch-up....
Birthday – I had a wonderful birthday this year. There’s nothing like being treated as a loved and special person. Presents are nice, but I love being with my friends and family much more than any material gift. I just wish that some of them weren’t scattered across this great nation from one end to the other. Oh, and I had a party at this shop in town where you can make your own necklaces. (will post photos of cool project soon). So much fun! Anything creative is perfect. Thanks Jenny!
Easter – church was good. Then I went to the homestead and had a nice afternoon with the fam. An old friend and his new wife came over. We played badminton, “trespassed” on the construction site next to my house that used to be “the woods” we played in as kids and I got to use my brothers awesome Nikon D50. (that may be the camera on my “digital SLR to buy” list.). This friend was like my little brother growing up. It’s so strange that he’s married now and lives so far away. I miss the days of him living next store and coming over all the time. So many memories.
Photos will follow….

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