April 28, 2006

A good long post

Friday. Ahhhh.....It's especially nice when it's a weekend that I'm NOT working! The thought of having a couple days that I don't have to do anything work related. I can sit on my porch and read or watch a movie or clean my house or drink a cup of Earl Grey. The freedom of nothiness is divine.
A few thoughts for today:
1. I got this awesome new book last night that teaches you how to improve your handwriting. I've been wanting to do this lately because I'd love to incorporate my own handwriting in my paper crafts. It's much more fun to include it when it looks pretty. Really excited about it!
2. Visited "the black hole" last night. This is my new name for Barnes and Noble. I went there to pick up the afore mentioned book. Decided to look around for a "couple minutes" since I didn't have to be anywhere else at the time. I looked at my watch after what I thought was a "couple minutes" and realized that almost 2 HOURS had gone by. Gracious! What was I reading? I got lost in the religious section this time. Books by Donald Miller I've mentioned his book Blue Like Jazz before. Then I got sucked into CS Lewis's A Grief Observed. I was reading the intro by his stepson which sent me to the biographies. Down hill from there. Love that store.

3. Sight to remember last night: A grandfather sitting at a B&N cafe table with his grandson. The little boy, maybe 9 or 10 years old, could barely touch the floor with his toes as he was sitting in the chair. The best part? They were playing chess. So adorable. I love people's faces, especially kids, when they play chess. His elbows were on the table and his fists were leaning on his forehead, each with a handful of hair. Thinking so hard. I desperately wished that I had had my camera.

4. Also, I was still lingering in B&N after buying my book. Headed to the magazines cause I saw an article that I wanted to read at the checkout line. When I got over there, there were 2 young girls sitting on a bench reading magazines. The littlest, maybe 6 or 7, was swinging her legs as she read a comic from a kids magazine. When she looked up, my heart did a little jump. She definately looked Chinese. Her sister was not. Could she be adopted from China? I sat down on the bench next to them. (I wasn't stalking them, it was the closest bench with an open spot. promise!) She was ADORABLE! This is my dilema when I see little Asian girls. I want so desperately to talk to their parent and hear their story. But after reading so many blogs and books on the subject, I've learned that that intrusion can seem rude. So, I didn't say anything. I just smiled the entire time I read my article on Evangeline Lily. The family finally left and the little girls face still haunted my thoughts.

Okay, off to start the weekend. Yard sales, girls get-away, Harry Potter 4, weeding the flower bed.

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