June 27, 2007

the club

This year I turned 30. Yup, 30. But you know what was really cool, so did 5 of my good friends. We all met at camp about 8 years ago. We live all over the country, but each summer, even if it's just a week, we all see each other at camp.
This year we decided to celebrate our old age with a fun birthday treat. We used our one day off (we only get about 27 hours off each week) to go tubing down a river. We drove a good long way and went back to a place called Butts Tubes to go floating down the Potomac River right outside of Harpers Ferry, WV. It was such a fun day. Floating, laughing, talking, just enjoying one another's company. After the river adventure, we went into Harpers Ferry to eat and then headed home.
I realized once again, how very blessed I am to have so many friends in my life. So many friends from so many different time periods in my life. I have camp friends, college friends, high school friends... It's crazy to think that we've known each other for 8 years now. Getting old and being single doesn't seem so terrible when you have buddies to share it with.
Fun day...good memories.


jessica said...

yep. a girl can hope! i love that you get to work in such a cool environment. if i wasn't doing what i am at the moment i would totally be an art teacher. what other kinds of things do you tell the kids the door is for?

jessica said...

woops. wrong post :)

stephanie said...

glad you had such a great day :) sounds like LOTS of fun!

Anonymous said...

i went down that same river this past saturday. Except i was in a canoe.....until it tipped over in a rapid.

That river was not made for canoes as our student ministry quickly found out.

- rob p.

cottage girl said...

That's the day we were there too! The water was so low so the rocks seemed to be sticking out everywhere. How crazy would that have been if you paddled right by us and didn't even know it!