June 03, 2007

no stopping us now

(some of my co-workers and I on a staff retreat. Yes, I was working here.)

And it begins. This week. My life is now on hold until the middle of August. My social/personal life, I should say. I will be spending my days meeting new people and playing with kids. All of my friends, except those who are on this crazy train with me, are so patient to forgive my lack of correspondence.

It will by my 9th summer here. 9th!! How in the world has it gone by that fast? I seriously forget what it's like to have a summer vacation. But I don't forget all the amazing lessons God has taught me while I've been here. Life changing. I'm a different person today because of my summers here and the people I now call my camp family. It's tough, but oh so worth it. Wonder what God has in store for me this summer?!!!

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jessica said...

yay, work looks like fun. i always wanted to work at a camp during the summer but never did. last summer we put on a camp for Romanian orphans for two weeks. it was life changing yet tiring. thanks so much for the link. any advice is much appreciated!