June 27, 2007

the magical door

This is where I spend my mornings. I do crafts with the kids from 9 to noon each day. It's in the basement of a 100 year old farmhouse, the oldest building on the property. The tables are covered in paint splatters and glue and no one cares if you spill. The perfect environment to create. Above the tables where the day campers sit, there is this door. Every day, one of the kids asks where it goes. I, of course, can't just say that it is the old door that used to open up to the basement stairs. That's way too easy... So, I tell the kids it's a magical door and it leads to a magical land. They never believe me. So, then I ask them what they think is behind the door.
Last week I got my favorite answer ever. I wish I had a tape recorder cause I wanted to save it. One of my favorite campers, a little boy who we think may have been adopted from China (he's A-dorable!), looks at me dead in the eyes and says with a very serious face...
"Maybe it's your husband."

Maybe...a girl can hope.

1 comment:

stephanie said...

OH MY GOODNESS! that's HILARIOUS!!! you are so imaginative...that's great you have the kids tell you what they think is behind there....jack would LOVE that game- he could play for hours :)