June 19, 2007

this picture

has nothing to do with my thoughts, but I like it. I found a new action online today and have been experimenting with it all night.
I realized again today....how blessed I am...how stupid I am when it comes to knowing who God is...how much I miss my college friends...how the summers here are a constant lesson from God for so many different reasons...good conversations on the staff porch at mealtimes are so fun...I love hot weather (not lying! I really love it!)....kids imaginations are magical (one of my favorite campers was telling me yesterday how he was hunting raptors in the playground. totally serious. He believes he will find them)....my nephew is oh, so kissable...my brother really is cool (other people have said this to me several times in the last 2 weeks)...my sister is so very special to me for so many reasons...I'm blessed to have parents who love me...how much I love going through old pictures...flying a kite is super fun...riding a bike is even more fun...our campers get more mail in 1 week than I do all year...my friend Ash is coming to visit in 1 month and I absolutely cannot wait...my journal has saved my sanity too many times to count...God's forgiveness is so way beyond what I can understand, but I am so thankful for it.

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jessica said...

wow. good post.