August 06, 2007

the beginning of the end

This is our final week of camp for 2007. How in the world did it go by so fast? 8 whole weeks. 2 whole months gone. So many memories. So much sun. So little rain! So much snack shop.
I'm hoping to soak in every moment I can and try to live in the present and not worry about next week when it will be very quiet around here.
Last week, I had some quality time with our day campers and had to write down some of their little "quotes" so I wouldn't forget. For instance...

"What is your painting?"
"It's my bunny (he came with a stuffed bunny that day)."
"Why does he have "X's" for eyes?"
"cause he died. He drank poison and died."
to which another little guy said..."why didn't you just give him human food like hamburgers?"

They are just too cute. I'm going to miss them so much! I wish that I still had their overactive imagination and a belief that the world was full of magic and fun. They teach me so much each day.

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