August 22, 2007

i have no pictures, but fun links that do

I love Elsie's new red color. Been dying to chop my hair. It grows super fast and is long now. Long and annoying. But advice from friends is that I should keep it long. Color may have to be the way to go. And I do enjoy a good red!

Somehow my vacation pictures never turn out this good. Of course, Tara's do. Have I mentioned in the last few posts that I am just in awe of her...

Got sucked into this site today for hours. Started here and read through to then end of 2004. Found her on Flickr. I found her by doing a search for China adoption pictures. This one came up. Her photography is so inspiring to me right now. I'm ready to take some pictures.....I think.

Exited for you, my friend! Been praying/thinking about you all day.

I had a crummy day yesterday for some reason, but this made it better. It is almost disgusting how much he makes me happy. Reminds me....I think I need to watch Garden State again....and buy season 5 of Scrubs.

I couldn't get to sleep 2 nights ago. (Inspiration struck and I was art journaling like a mad woman.) I got to watch Dave, another TV person that I have a weird obsession about. I think he is adorable. Yes, I do. See, weird.... Oh my gosh, he makes me laugh! One of my favorite things he does is "Great Moments in Presidential Speeches." This one ALWAYS makes me laugh out loud. (and no "hate" comments. I love our president.)

Finally...dun...dun...dun....da....I am going on vacation! Oh, sweet, glorious vacation (realized today I have 17 vacation days left. Sheez, louise!). Not till December though. Here's a hint as to where, and I quote my mom:
"I'm hoping Luke will love ______as much as you did your first time at 7 months old. We had a blast watching your little face light up with all the sights! Won't ever forget carrying you in the backpack and seeing your BIG bright eyes."
Weird to think that my parents were younger than I am right now when they took me here for the first time. Weird.
Any guesses?!!


Anonymous said...

Would it be disney world??? I loved it when we took my 8 nieces and nephews!! The looks on their faces where amazing!!! If this is the place, take LOTS of memory cards!!!!
Love ya, Amy

Anonymous said...

one word....Marineland. nuff said. i think you know who this is.

jessica said...

I missed your blog sooo much since I have been internet-less for the last week! Thank you sooo much for praying for me :) It was really needed at first and is why I stayed. Stop by and see why...