August 08, 2007

off to bed... 11:00pm. And it's

90 degrees
feels like (heat index) 96 degrees

and tomorrow isn't looking much better. It's like walking out the door and into the oven. You know that horrible heat wave that crashes into your face when you are checking on your cake in the oven. That's exactly what it feels like. Exactly.

And inside my poor little cottage, it's 75 degrees inside. Our one little window unit air conditioner can't keep up. It's finally dropped below 78 which is were it was when I came home at 6:00.

But, hey, we had chicken burritos for dinner and they were deeeelish. It's kinda sad how excited we all get for burrito night. Sad, but man, we love it!

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Katie's Story said...

I'm sad that it's so hot on your last week. I hope you can cool off soon. I must admit that I don't miss being sweaty. But I do miss you!! Make sure to get a rasberry snapple and a choco taco in honor of me. YUM!