August 13, 2007

since Wednesday...

I have been meaning to post, and life has been too busy each time I try to sit down and do it. So here is what has been going on:

It finally cooled off, but only into the 90's. But it is August and it's always HOT here now.

Camp finished on Friday night at about midnight. Let's just say, this is my week of mourning for those who have left and gone back to their "other lives." I truly hate this week cause I always feel so depressed. I miss everyone so much, and I miss the kids. It's WAY TOO QUIET here now.

One of my friends had a birthday, and I will give here the proper birthday post she deserves as soon as I can.

After finishing camp at midnight on Friday, I woke up early and drove (with my pal, Jenny) to a wedding for some camp friends. It was about 5 hours away, and we decided to make it a day trip. Lots of hours in the car. It was great to see so many friends at the wedding. Like a mini old school camp reunion. Best wishes, Eric and Renae!

Went to church on Sunday and then hung out with my bro for the day. We went to Best Buy (it's on the way home from church, and an obvious choice for a place to wander around in air conditioning and drool over flat screen TV's). I bought season 5 of this. It's a guilty pleasure. I stopped watching this past year, but season 5 was so yummy. I've been waiting for it to go on sale since it came out last year.
I made him go to Jo-Ann Fabrics with me. I bought this book last week. I've been eyeing it for a while now and finally gave in. Can't wait to start a project!
Then we went to out to lunch. Ate a super, yummy portabella mushroom/mozzarella focaccia sandwich. I don't know if it really was as good as it was, or if I was loving anything that was non-camp food. We also decided a couple weeks ago, that we are going to go vegetarian for a month. Just to try it. A couple other people are joining in on the fun too. Yesterday was Day One for me.
After lunch, we went to the pool, which is now kid free and very peaceful! And then a nap. Oh, a glorious nap! It was such a relaxing day. I made myself not do anything and just enjoy doing it!

Now, it's back to the "normal" retreat season schedule. We are busy, busy these next few months.

And a few more brother is now a permanent resident here (well, permanent for a year). He is working part time at camp and living across the field from me. The only way it could get better is if my sister decided to move in next to him!! Hint, hint.... I'm SO very excited about this!
I have no travel plans. I repeat. NO travel plans right now. It's crazy! I usually head somewhere after camp is over.
My roommate of 3 years moved out this weekend and I am getting 2 "new" ones. Not really new as much as just switching to a different room at camp. That room being in the cottage next to mine. Excited about that!
Am working on a list of projects/want to do's for the "off season." A couple things on that list: make an entire outfit (skirt and shirt), take more photos (maybe 365 project), re-do my bathroom (it's a desperate/must-do), re-decorate my bedroom (I just can't decide on colors. I love this one, but it might be too intense), de-clutter my life (this post convicted me big time), go on a sailing trip before it gets cold, swim as much as I can and write more letters.

FYI: This fun family is adopting their 3rd little one from China. Can't wait to hear/see all about it! I've loved their story since I first found it a couple years ago.

And in closing, my dear sweet friend, Rach, is having a baby today. Praying for you! How in the world does my college buddy have 3 kids?!!

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jessica said...

Yeah :) You'll have to share all the details with what you decide to cook. So fun!