August 28, 2007

pouring over

I've heard the story. I've seen the movie. But I never read the book. I started it a couple days ago and oh, my. It's just lovely. So beautifully written and such a wonderfully, tragic story.
A little background with me and C.S. Lewis. We have a rocky relationship. I so greatly admire him, yet it has forever plagued me that I cannot get through one of his books except The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. And that was even read TO me when I was in 3rd grade. I've since "read" all of the other Narnia books after my mom gave them to me in radio drama form. They just amazing. I love the stories, but have the hardest time reading them.
I've tried to read Mere Christianity a dozen times and fail by the I finish the first chapter. I think my brain is just so far behind his way of thinking that I don't understand it. I have to read each sentence 3 times before I can move on (except in Narnia).
But after I finish this book, I will try again. And maybe watch the movie again cause Anthony Hopkins performance in the movie is just phenomenal.

One little side my favorite college class that I ever took (musical theater) we all had to do short 15 minutes presentations. One guy in our class was writing a musical for this story. For his presentation, he had one of the theater guys, who had a voice that could have been on Broadway, sing a song he had written. The song was about Lewis feeling lost after Joy had died. Garrett, the guy who sang, was sitting at a desk, "writing" by the one lone candle that lit up the room we were all in. It gave me chills. Our teacher was standing, watching with her head leaned up against the wall just soaking in every moment. It was that good. I still wonder if he ever finished that musical and if it was ever performed.

.....hey, Linds, tell your hubby that I thought of him and his Lewis obsession several times while I am reading this!


Diana said...

I spent my alone time this afternoon (while the kids slept), reading your blog. So fun and encouraging! It made me smile the whole time April! You amaze me. You are very talented and it's so fun to learn way more about you then I ever knew!!!! I even looked up some of your pictures on flicker. So great. Wow, you've really been taking beautiful pictures. Keep learning and taking pix. Miss you! I hope you have a good August at camp. We miss that place...

jessica said...

I read A Severe Mercy in high school and it sparked my interest in CS Lewis' love story. I remember being really affected by the book. Hope you're able to get through it! Tell us how it goes :)