August 18, 2007

hit the jackpot this morning

I've been dying to go yard saling lately. Now that camp is over, I can leave the property on Saturday mornings. This morning was fantastic. Here's what I found:

The farmer's market is in full swing. Jam packed with all kinds of local yummies. Perfect for my vegetarian kick right now. The plastic bag is full of fresh organic mint. I've drank about half a gallon of homemade ice tea with tons of mint leaves floating in it. It's too delicious. Plus a jar of homemade peach jam. Yum!
The only things I had found this morning were this polariod camera and this book. Combined $2.50. I had to buy the book cause the cover is beautiful and it's about China. Hello?!! We all know I'm obsessed.
Then on our (my friend B and I) way home, we found a house up the street from us that was having a yard sale. I got this rocking chair...

and this stool.....
for $15. $15 for BOTH! I couldn't believe it! This lady was trying to get rid of some stuff that her father had given her. She said she still had a garage full of it. Be still my beating heart. Note to self: if they have another yard sale, STOP immediately!
I polished up both pieces, and am going to recover the bench since the fabric is in sad shape. They look so cute in my little cottage bedroom!

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jessica said...

That is the PERFECT Saturday! You are sooo lucky :)

Yummy vegetables, a beautiful chair and a cottage to go home to... lovely. Glad you had such a great day full of great finds and great friendship!