September 27, 2007

a little more

2 more things...

I posted a bunch of pictures on Flickr. See link on right ---------->
Mostly of NYC. I LOVED that trip.

A couple music finds. Zach posted today with amazing suggestions.

I immediately loved this one. "It's Not True" makes me think of a swimming in a pool surrounded by shafts of light from the sun and a million different fish of bright colors swimming by. I want to make a movie just to be able to use this song.... The rest are too good too. itunes may be getting some of my $$ tonight.

Then this one. I already like his old band, so this was a fun find.

And a couple favorites have new stuff.
Schuyler Fisk.
Cary Brothers ("Ride"is one of my all time favorite songs.)
And just because I was listening to his CD for the millionth time today.

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