September 25, 2007

Um, was freakin' awesome

Surreal. That's what we kept saying. It's really the only word that truly described it. Letterman is my bedtime, PJ's, about-to-fall-asleep-with-a-laugh show. It makes me smile right before I close my eyes. It's a special treat when I can manage to stay awake till midnight. I love seeing him walk out onto that stage and love even more when he goes behind that desk and comes up with something completely ridiculous to make me laugh.
So, when we finally walked into that theater it was surreal. I was standing in the room that I had watched on TV hundreds of times. It was MUCH smaller than I expected. I know the TV makes everything look bigger (you know the whole it-adds-10lbs thing) but good gracious. That room only held about 200 people tops. The backdrop of the city that he has as the background was gorgeous! It's a model sparkling and all lit up to perfection. Then I saw his desk and the chairs the guests sit in. His desk! Then one I've watch him pound his pencils on and set his coffee cup on a million times.
I could go on with a million other details, but I won't. Here's a couple things that I just loved.

Paul and the CBS orchestra are amazing. The band is so fun and kind and loves the audience to enjoy their hour there.

David is freakin' hilarious. He really is "that funny" in real life. He was also very kind. He came out to talk with us for a couple minutes before we went on the air. He let us ask questions. That's where the whole heart shaped potato thing came from (if you watched the show). This woman brought a heart shaped potato to show him and he used it all during the show. He only got it about 3 minutes before they taped. He really, truly seems to enjoy his job. And he seems to treat everyone with respect.

His staff is fun. It's was so cool to see Alan, the famous Biff, and the tall white haired guy (can't remember his name). They were running around like little busy bees while he was taping.

Jamie Foxx is both funny and handsome. I was so excited to see Dave that I forgot it was going to be fun to see the guests too.

It's crazy that the whole show is performed for about 200 people sitting there in the audience. I think, when I watch it on TV, that it's for me the viewer at home. But when they are taping, it doesn't feel like that at all. Again, surreal.

I just stared at all the people scurrying about on stage during the "commercial" breaks. When I watch TV, I always wonder "what do they do during those 3-5 minutes. Well, the Late Show band plays music for the audience. Dave talks to his producers and comes up with more funny stuff to say. It's so cool to see the behind the scenes. I LOVE that kind of stuff. But then again I'm also the nerd who has watched all the hours of extra behind the scenes stuff on the LOTR's DVD's.....more than once....

It was so fun. I would totally go again. And if you enjoy Dave, sign up and go! The tickets are free. You just have to wait for them to call.

And so I close with the pictures of the two nerds who were VERY VERY excited to go see David Letterman and cross #27 off of their list of things to do before they die. Don't judge our smiles too harshly. We were over the top excited!

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