September 02, 2007

Symphonic weekend

We had perfect weather this weekend. Perfect. Perfect timing for the last concert of the summer at a near-by park. The bro and I made the trek out to see a local symphony play some delightful music. The sun slowly slipped behind the trees as we enjoyed a variety of classics. It was so nice to just lay on the grass and listen to the music fill the air.
When it finished I got to do one of my favorite things, try and leave a venue with an enormous amount of people all at the same time. I love the hustle and bustle as people race to their cars. I love hearing what people are saying about the event they just witnessed. I love seeing the little kids being carried on their parents shoulders. I love seeing how many different types of people enjoy the same things. Young, old, American, Hispanic, rich, poor, those who sit in chairs, those who (like us) just stick a blanket in their backpack. Then you get to your car and are forced to sit and wait. Oh, the horror! You are forced sit and think about what you just witnessed and discuss with your co-riders. I love that the moment doesn't end until you have left the venue and are back "on the road" to home.
I especially love this at Disney World. (And those of you who guessed Disney are correct for my December vacation. You know me so well!) After you go to a fireworks show at a park, it turns into a sea of people all trying to get on trains, boats and cars to get home. I used to grab the family member in front of me and hold on for dear life as we wound our way like a catepillar out of the park to get back to the camper. I loved the thrill of the 1,000's of other people jam packed into the same spot laughing, talking and enjoying the show the just saw. I loved seeing the kids in the strollers sound asleep not know at all what was going on around them. (I can see my brother as one of those kids so vividly, and can't wait for Luke to be one of them too this year! When our family went to a park, it was from "open" to "close." Naps were in strollers and bedtime too.) I loved the huge masses of people. Weird, I know, especially since I'm claustrophobic. But there is something electric in the air in moments like that. Can't wait to have that experience again!

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