June 15, 2010

gem of a find

Too hilarious not to share....one of the guys was telling us all about this gem of a video yesterday. Enjoy!

ps...things are going well, except that our banana boat popped Day 1. But I did get to talk to a little girl for about 20 minutes about everything under the sun. She told me that her mom is in heaven and she lives with her grandma. And she had never walked in the sand before. This was her first time at a beach. My heart melted and I prayed at that moment that Jesus would love on her this week through all of us. What a beautiful reminder of how important camp can be in a child's life.
Gotta run! Dinner and then back to the beach!


RaCeQu said...

LIKE. =)

in anticipation for what was going to happen, I couldn't quit laughing... the whole way through!

Gina said...

ummmmmm. i am totally irritated at the stupidity of it all.