June 09, 2010

I would like to....

(I went to Paris once.)

Go to Japan (and buy lots of washi tape)
Stay at the Princeville for a LONG vacation
Learn to surf
Adopt an orphan from China
Marry my love
Sew an entire outfit for myself
Get a photo published
Write a novel
Watch a scripted TV show being filmed
Have my (plus family and friends) photo taken by Tara Whitney and The Image is Found
Find the perfect vintage dress to wear somewhere fancy
Live next door to my brother again
Write more letters and mail them
Go to Sundance again (and again and again)
See Italy on a long, extended tour
Meet the Chapman's
Not be such a hypochondriac
Travel the country in a RV
Take a hot air balloon ride
Finish my art journal
Find vintage furniture for super cheap at yard sales and flea markets
Complete a reading of a C.S. Lewis book (other than Narnia)
Not be a person consumed with money and things
Give more than I want/get
Do a girls getaway trip with my camp girls.
Do a girls getaway trip with my college friends.
Have an avocado tree, peach tree and tomato plants in my backyard
Write in a journal every day for a year
Always and forever make lists of random things


Allison Drew said...

I love this list. Very inspiring. Now I need to make my own.

Anonymous said...

Ah oui! Paris! Tis the land where dreams are born.

cottage girl said...

So true, Val. My sister is headed there right now. So jealous!

Gina said...

Hey the Chapmans will be at Women of faith this August. I am going with a bunch of girlfrands and my friend is trying to sell some extra tix and . Wanna come?

cottage girl said...

G: I seriously thought about going to that. Then they announced that the entire Chapman family is going on tour in the fall. I think I'm gonna do that instead!