June 19, 2010

please enjoy this list

  • I have missed being here this week. It can't be helped because of how busy/crazy/horrible it has been, but none the less, I've missed it. While I won't go into detail about why this week was so tough, I will say this. Sometimes God shines brightest when things go absolutely horribly wrong. Like "the banana boat pops twice and both boat lifts break" wrong. And that's just the tiny tip of the iceberg.
  • My time in the Word was amazing this week.
  • I was able to re-connect with a dear friend, whom I haven't seen in a few years. Just her being here helped me get through all of this mess. I actually met her here at camp my very first summer 12 years ago.
  • ....I can't believe I've been here for 12 years. That's just crazy. I was only 22, fresh out of college and desperately missing my college friends. This place changed my life......
  • I'm now wearing swimsuits just about every day. Part of the beauty (and the curse) of working on the waterfront.
  • These shorts are the most comfy thing in the world. Seriously.
  • I broke my TV/internet diet today and watched 3 shows I love: 9 by Design, Friday Night Lights and Chuck. Oh, and caught up on blogs for a good long while. It was a wonderful escape.
  • 2 hour naps, complete with crazy dreams are the best.
  • I have the best brother in the world. And I miss him terribly.
  • Text messages are perfect for camp life. Especially when conversing with my Sundance brother.
  • My sister is going to Paris on Monday. Argggg..... Super jealous.
  • I'm thankful to be loved by a God, who doesn't leave me where I am, but challenges me to run after Him.


Cottage Girl


Gina said...

those shorts remind me of the "Tiny Terrors". Were you on that team?

cottage girl said...

Kinda. I had the shirt, but didn't play cause I'm awful.