June 18, 2010

My God is bigger


It's been a tough, tough week here at camp, friends. I can almost physically feel the evil one trying his best to destroy us. It has been one thing after another each and every day....

If you feel so led, please pray for me and our little camp. One thing I do know, anytime a group of people are poised to do great things for God, the evil one is.not.happy. I also know, that my God is bigger that him. My God moves mountains and turns shepherd boys into kings and puts orphans in homes and raises the dead. He doesn't leave His children when life gets hard.

I'm counting on that. I'm betting on Him winning. And I'm convinced that no matter how ridiculously ugly it gets, He will still come out on top. I'm trusting that His Word is truth and His love is everlasting.

I'm loving the words in this song right now.

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Gina said...

Praying my friend(s). Praying. Praising God for all He is going to accomplish there this summer.