May 03, 2012

God chose

Been enthralled by Moses' story in Exodus the last few days.
How God chose him.
How He called to him out of a bush on fire?!
How He specifically gave him a mission.
How He gave him the tools he needed to do what seemed humanly impossible.
How Moses gave him excuse after excuse, but He reminded him that He is God.
How God accomplished exactly what He intended.
How Israel was saved by a miraculous Father in heaven who loved them.

This is the God that leads and directs me.
This is the Father who longs to speaks to my heart.
This is the Father who whispers His will.
This same God, who loved Moses and chose him...
He chose me.
He loves me.
He died for me.

I can't seem to wrap my brain around that lately.
It's so much and so simple all rolled together.

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