November 01, 2005

freakin' cold campin' trip

I'll admit it. Finally after years of denial. I am a princess at times. I love my makeup, my fluffy pillow and my nice clothes. So when my sister and her husband asked me to go camping "tent camping" to be exact, I'll admit I wasn't too excited. Please remember that it's Fall in the Mid-Atlantic, which means cold evenings. COLD. I brought extra stuff to stay warm, but when the sun set, it was of no avail.

Aside from the freezing, it was a fun trip. We did a short hike to this cool spot on the top of the "mountain". I almost dove to my death trying to get to that spot before the timer ran out on my camera.

It was amazing that these really cool rock formations were here as we left the trail in the woods. These are East Coast mountains. Not rocky peaks.
This is me and the sis at an over look on the way out. We were finally warm after a campfire breakfast. I love this picture. I love silhouettes.

We laughed alot. Talked around the campfire (a favorite activity). Stared at the stars for a long time. Cold, yes, but so worth the memories.

And I still brought my makeup....
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