November 11, 2006


Okay, so tonight was amazing. Now, I know I've poured out my thoughts here often, so I must have talked about how much I hate living so far from all of my gal pals. I usually have to jump on a plane or drive a-ways to see any of them. Well, this past week, something really cool, yes, truly, amazingly, incredible happened. One of them moved BACK!!
So here's the story of me and Mel. We grew up together. Youth group trips, camp, Bible studies, coffee shops, shopping trips. We have a million and one stories. She wrote me letter after letter when I was in college (this was before the wonderful, easy world of email) . I LOVE this girl. She is so kind and generous and taught (and still is) me amazing lessons in life. She got married a couple years ago and moved away. We still saw each other every once in a while when she came home for holidays (not nearly enough). A couple months ago, she told me she was moving back. And, this is the coolest part, they moved back 'cause her husband is going to start a church. They were happy and content where they were...serving and growing, but they felt like God was calling them elsewere. They went. They followed. That's just amazing to me. So brave and so trusting that God has a perfect plan for them. She's about to have a baby in a couple weeks. I don't even need to tell you how excited I am that I get to be around for new little one! I went to get coffee (our old standing "thing to do") with her and her husband tonight. We laughed (oh my gosh, that girl makes me laugh! I missed that so much!) talked and just enjoyed each other's company. I was again reminded how there is nothing better in life than someone who loves you for who you are and just enjoys that God brought you together to learn from each other.

So any of you other girls feel like comin' back.......

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stephanie said...

at first glance i thought that was rachel! i'm so glad for you guys! what a blessing to have a life-long friend come back! right now it's FREEZING here...the temp is 5 degrees with wind chill of -25. that's negative 25...we are having a wind storm- 50-60 mph's supposed to be windy and cold like this for the next 7 days. so yes, i'd love to be in maryland right now :)