November 08, 2006

a foggy day

I came home from lunch today and gasped when I saw these sights across the river. I ran (literally) back to the office, grabbed my camera and spent my lunch break snapping away. It felt to good to take pictures again. It had been about 2 weeks since I had taken anything creative. Nothing had been catching my eye. When I saw this I couldn't say no. The fog was perfect against the leaves. I loved this new effect I downloaded for photoshop (on the first picture). It's called "brownie" like the old brownie camera by Kodak back in the day.
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1 comment:

stephanie said...

wow! i love brownies...the edible ones and now the picture ones :) i love the first one too....very cool...i should have "commissioned" you to take pictures of my favorite mountain when you were here! i want pictures of it but every time i try to take some they don't look right to me....wanna come visit again this spring?