November 03, 2006

Oh, my gosh....

WICKED!!!! I've been in love with this musical since I first saw it on the Tony's the year it won for best musical. Bought the soundtrack and memorized every song. It's incredible. Always wanted to see it. On Broadway.
Finally, I get to go with friends who love it too. And oh, my gosh, I can't wait. I was listening to the CD today and singing along. Seriously! I get to go!
And I have to admit my love for musicals and theater. It's a deep love going way back to the days of Sound of Music and any Rogers and Hammerstein I could find to watch. When I went to college my love turned into a deep appreciation. At my school, everyone had to do a "Christian service" every semester, which was some type of community work. About 60 hours a semester. Mine was doing backstage work on the musical for the semester. Operas in the fall and muscials for the spring. I was in heaven. The smell of the theater. The energy backstage right before the curtain went up and the lights dimmed. The cast getting their voices ready. The props to set up. The applause and laughter after a great, funny scene. It was intoxicating. I was so sad when I graduated and knew that I probably would never get another chance to do that.
Plus I took class that changed my perpective on musicals forever. We had an amazing professor that taught a musical theater class that I was able to take my last semester at school. We studied a different musical every week. I LOVED that class. It was by far my favorite from all my 4 years of higher learning. I learned a ton. She was a tough professor, but the kind that you really wanted to do well for. I remember that one of the kids in my class was writing a musical for "the Shadowlands" (CS Lewis' life) and he had a guy perform one of the songs in our class with all the lights out except for 1 candle. Still gives me chills when I think about it.
So Wicked it is. In December. And NYC at Christmas will be magical too. Can't wait!

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