November 17, 2006

cause it's been a couple days

Been sick this week.

Also, started swimming at the local pool. I'm really excited about it. Love swimming, but not good at it at all. Can't wait to be better at it.

Got fun stuff in the mail. Paper stuff. Yummmmm.

Loved the Office and Veronica Mars this week. Oh, and ER. I'm addicted, like back when I was in high school/college in the George Clooney and Anthony Edwards days.

Working this weekend, but definately making time for Battlestar.

Realized the other night that I really watch a lot less TV than I did last year. I know, I know. Hard to believe isn't it!

I recommend this for viewing pleasure. You won't be disappointed.

And this for listening pleasure. Ooo, and this too. They've been on repeat lately.

Been thinking about a bloggy friend lately. Praying for her. I have no reason to complain in life. Truly.

There you go. No pictures, but I PROMISE there will be plenty next week. The whole clan is going to be home for the holidays. Oh, yeah!
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