November 09, 2006

inspiration found

I love it when I feel inspired to create. Here are a couple things that have created that spark lately.
  • this post from Elsie. She has been a big inspiration for me since I found her work in the pages of a magazine a couple months ago. She's an amazing photographer (and scapbooker by trade). So when I found her post, I decided to pull up a bunch of my shots and play with them a little bit (hence the above shot).
  • The new Disney commercial with the kid's that are doing something normal like jumping on their beds and then they start to fly like in Peter Pan (probably my favorite childhood story). Everytime it comes on, I stop whatever I'm doing and watch with my imagination running wild.
  • The weather has been crazy the last few days. Yesterday, the fog (still loving those pictures). Today, sunny and warm. The colors are amazing in the trees. No humidty and great light. I see the world through the viewfinder of my camera when it's this pretty outside. If only it wasn't DARK when I get off work at night.
  • Remembering my trip to Europe last year. It was a year ago this month. I've been looking at my pictures again and remembering all the sights and smells.
  • Writing, writing, writing. I go through phases of wanting, no, needing to write. To get my thoughts down on paper. To create through words. I love it! Been filing up my journal lots lately.
  • And Big Ben. The first time I saw it I had to catch my breath. Crazy how something so simple just "captures" you sometimes. Pictures don't do it justice.

What have you been inspired by lately? Have you created anything? Share the wealth and maybe you'll inspire someone else....

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