July 02, 2009

My summer *must* list....part 1

Sunscreen {It's the bases for my survival. I use this mostly because it's so easy to apply. I also use our large and growing stash of lost and found sunscreen at the beach as well. This one has been my favorite out of those.}

Maybelline Great Last Mascara {It's just the best for hot, sweaty days}

Max Factor Erase Cover Stick {Found years ago by way of In Style's Best Beauty Buys. This stuff is magic in a tube}

Dr. Bonner's Magic Soap {Loves. The scents are so light and fresh. Sweet Almond, at the moment. I used Bath and Body works tonight just for a change and realized how fake and strong their scents are. Yuck!}

Burts Bees Soy and Pomegranate Volumizing Shampoo {A new love. It's the first shampoo that really, truly volumizes. Plus fewer yucky chemicals and it smells divine}

Bug spray {Using this at the moment only because it's all we have at the beach. I think this works a little better. The mosquitoes literally SWARM by the 100's. It's horrible.}

Lip balm {I have a sickness called chapstick addiction. Always have. At the moment I have about 6 tubes with 2 more brand new ones just in case. My all time fave is Lip Smackers Watermelon. I also love Dr. Bonner's Lemon Lime. However, my lips got sunburned for the first time ever this year and I've been using this to try and heal and keep them safe during my long hours in the sun.}

Burts Bees Honey and Orange Wax lotion
{It's my favorite lotion at the moment. Light, but highly moisturizing. And it smells like a summer's day.}

Thyme's Kimono Rose
{I've never been a perfume girl, but when I found this stuff I changed my mind. Another light scent. And the roller ball is perfect for airplane carry-on's. I also have Red Cherie.}

Cedarwood Papaya Soap from Wash the Day Away
{This soap changed my life. Well, that and turning 30. After YEARS of searching, I have found something that help my overly oily skin. I can't sing it's praises enough!}

I realize how silly it seems to use all-natural things like soap and lip balm and shampoo and then pile on the chemicals with sunscreen and bug spray. I do have several options to try for all-natural bug spray, but sunscreen is just something that I'm going to have to use. I'm in the sun way too much to chance a horrible sunburn.

Part 2 coming soon....

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stephanie said...

hi cottage girl :) i hope you're having a great summer. we are keeping busy here. do you still need craft ideas? here's a website that might give you a few:

have a great weekend and i'll talk to you soon!