July 05, 2009

She's one of the best people in the whole world

Happy Birthday, S!

I wish I was there to give you a great big hug and climb on the couch and listen to you tell me a story or two. You are such a wonderful, beautiful, amazing, caring, funny, loving, fun person whom I am so blessed to know and be friends with.
Even if I never use the degree I got at Liberty, I will never count those dollars I spent wasted because I was blessed enough to get to know you there. Can you believe it's been almost 14 years since we met? Oh, to go back to those days of long talks in the Marriott and 2 am chats in your room or mine or major meltdowns over boys and English class and just life in general. I sure do miss those days!
I'm praying for you, my super cool friend. I know that God has such great things in store for you. I love, love, love you! Happy Birthday!

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stephanie said...

OH MY GOODNESS! you made me cry!!! you're too nice! i can't breakdown cause i have to be all tough! i didn't even check your blog yesterday cause i thought "she never blogs on sundays" and i certainly wasn't expecting to see this! thank you so much...you are so sweet! i love you too friend and i agree about my time at LU...i don't remember a blessed thing i "learned" except the lessons friendship taught me. have a wonderful day and thanks for making me feel so special :)