July 09, 2009

One of those days

(photo found here)

I realized as I sat at snack shop tonight eating my soft dough pretzel with cheese at 9:45pm that today was "one of those days." I don't think it hit me till tonight. Here is the list of things that transpired...

1. I saw the mammoth water moccasin (aka poisonous snake) that has taken up residence on our beach. It's enormous. And poisonous. And just plain scary.

2. I dropped one of our Aqua Finns while I was helping lug it up the beach. My flip flop got stuck in the sand and I dropped the boat. It slid down my knee and now I have a VERY colorful bruise covering half of my knee. Complete with a big huge red scrape next to the blue and purple. Just lovely.

3. The banana boat rope snapped and came off while the kids were riding today. Off to the marine store to buy another one tomorrow. Thankfully, no one was hurt.

4. The tube/rope connector completely came apart and we had to bring the kids back on the boat. No more tubing for the rest of the night. Again, no one was hurt.

5. The boat lift became a giant tangle of metal rope and refused to raise or lower correctly. It took 4 of us to figure it out. And it's still not completely fixed because the boat is completely crooked on the lift. And we have metal splinters from the rope.

Funny thing is that it was really a good day. The weather was perfect again. The kids are having fun. And we finish tomorrow night with an entire day off on Saturday! Plus I got to chat with lots of friends. And the fact that no one was hurt....well, I just believe that the Lord's hand of protection over us. It could have been a MUCH worse day.

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