July 26, 2009

Week 7

It's our last full week.

Our last Sunday through Saturday week.

I'm starting to do that panic of "it won't be like this ever, ever again and I don't think I'll survive."

It's ugly.

It's tragic.

Then I remember that this is just another part of camping ministry.

It changes EVERY year.

I make new friends and they leave.

I make new friends and sometimes they come back next summer.

I make new friends and sometimes they turn into life long friends and their distance from me doesn't matter.

God still has lots of things to do here in the next two weeks.

For those things, I'm very excited.

It's just those darn goodbyes haunting me in the future....I hate goodbyes...


(500) Days of Summer was adorable. You should see it.

pss....I know some of you are are one of those "life long friends" I met at camp. And I miss each one of you and am sending you a great big hug through your screen. HI!

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