July 29, 2009

Dear blog of mine,

(I took this one.)

I miss you.

I really do.

I miss writing random things.

I miss taking photos to post here. (sand+camera = disaster, thus not very many photos this summer)

I miss making lists (although I still do that sometimes).

I miss sharing my adventures (and I AM still having them).

I miss seeing comments.

I just miss you.

in just 10 short, too short days (gasp...sob...) I shall return.

We will be reunited and together again.

My creative outlet shall return and I'll continue my posting of random TV shows, pictures from my cell phone and music I'm enjoying (Battlestar Season 4 soundtrack is currently "in transit" via UPS...eeeek!).

See you soon!

Cottage Girl

1 comment:

Val Nebbia - singer/songwriter said...

I know you weren't talking specifically to me...but I miss you too.