September 05, 2009

bow {ties}

(photo by one of my favorite photographers and artists, Danielle Thompson)

As of late I've been loving bows. Not fancy bows, but simple ones like the photo above . So adorable. I don't own any, but I love to look at them.

I think this comes from my recent obsession with The Rachel Zoe Project. Help me. It's true. Bravo's marathons are so terrible! They hook you in and you end up watching yet another show. I just started watching this one and just love Brad. His style is full of bow ties. Very preppy/nerdy.

Even though I really don't like reality TV, I will gladly sit down and watch this. It's too fun.

And check out these cute bows that I just want to put in my hair or attach to a headband.

(photo by Elsie: simlar to these at Red Velvet Art)

Have a happy Saturday! I'm off to watch 4th of July fireworks on my river. Yes, 4th of July fireworks on Labor Day weekend. But hey, free firework viewing from the pier outside my backdoor? Yes, please!


Allison Drew said...

I love Brad and was recently condisering posting a blog about the Rachel Zoe project!

Anonymous said...

so so cute! I love bows!!!!!