September 24, 2009

Tattoos and other topics

(click photo for info)***one of my favorite HP quotes of all time

Was reading Pop Candy today and came upon a link to Contrariwise: literary tattoos blog.'s HIGHLY addictive. I got sucked in for way too long.

Tattoos are fascinating things. They speak so much of the person they adorn. Some of them really are a work of art too. Beautifully crafted.

Me personally...I don't think I could ever get one. I change my mind too often. I don't love the same things I loved last year. I can't imagine having something on my body for the rest of my life! Not to mention my paralyzing fear of needles. I would much rather draw on a couple stars with some bright colored Sharpies and then wash them off a few hours later. That's just my opinion.

Anyway, enjoy the blog. Here are some of my favorites...

Mischief Managed (more for it's white color than the actual words. love how it's barely visible)
Love the stars in this one and the hidden HP reference.
I Open at the Close (such a beautifully sad story behind it)
*it's not on purpose that I chose HP tattoos. Just happened.


On a totally different note: I'm enjoying TV season being back in full swing.
Gossip Girl=surprisingly good.
The Office=still haven't watched it and don't really care (kinda sad).
Dollhouse=my spot on the couch definitely reserved for tomorrow night at 9pm.
Grey's Anatomy=can't believe I actually care, but can't wait to see it tonight.
Rachel Zoe=tied for my favorite at the moment. So addictive.
Glee=tied for favorite. It's so funny and full of music!
Project Runway=I miss Michael Kors and Nina Garcia. Not the same without them.

And on one more random topic:
Major drama going on in my brain and in life at the moment. I feel all discombobulated. Nothing bad. Just crazy. Could be potentially good on all fronts, but it's a waiting game for a few days.

One final topic:
I'm enjoying beyond words Elsie and Rachel's Autumn class. It was definitely worth the $$. I have so many ideas for handmade Christmas gifts. Sweet! If you ever get a chance to take one, do it! I've been overloaded with creativity since I took their first one in the spring.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! You're totally right. I could have been lost in that website all night. Totally cool. Thanks for the tip.

Kaley said...

That is such a cool tattoo!!
I open at the close. Sigh.