September 12, 2009


(photo by The 10 cent designer)

I went to an old friend's wedding today. I've known her family for...forever. They were part of my church "family" when I was growing up. And as I sat there watching all of them (after not seeing them in quite a while) I wished. I wished that I could go back. No, I wished that I when I went back home, it was still like it used to be. When I leave, I expect everyone else to stop. Stop moving forward. That way, when I return, it will all be exactly where I left it.

It's kinda heart breaking when you realize (even if you already "know") that doesn't happen, you know?


Allison Drew said...

Yes, I know.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this photo.

cottage girl said...

Val, I actually thought of you when I saw this one. You and your little babe. Glad you liked it!