September 18, 2009

pretending I'm a TV critic

Since I watch a ridiculous amount of scripted television, I often have people ask me what my favorites show are or what they should watch next.

And since I love making lists, and it appears my writer's block has finally vanished for the time being, I decided to "get it down on paper" so to speak.

Let's just pretend I have my dream job {TV critic} and I'm doing my weekly column, shall we?

Recommended viewing TV on DVD....

Synopsis: In every generation a slayer is born to protect the world. Buffy is the slayer of our generation. She, along with her gang of Scoobies, fight to the death with some of the craziest creatures that evil can produce. And they make us laugh hysterically along the way.

You'll like it, if you like: The vampire-ness of Twilight, but didn't like how cheesy it was. The West Wing, and it's quick, witty dialogue. Firefly or's the same creator.

Best season/episode: It's a tough call. Either 2, 3 or 6. Season 1 is the worst, so don't give up until you get to 2. Once Spike arrives, everything will be alright! The episode Hush is unlike anything I've ever seen. Most of it is done in complete silence. And the musical episode (season 6) is one of the most creative things I have ever seen.

Why I love it: It's original, hilarious, highly quotable and has some of the best characters ever put on television. I still watch it over and over and over. If you get really hooked, you can jump over to Angel, Buffy's spin-off.

Where to watch it: The WB, Hulu, Netflix.

Rating: PG-13. It's NOT for kids.

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