September 07, 2009

"write" it down

Last night I was writing in my journal. I've been an avid journal keeper since I was young. Pages upon pages of my rambling thoughts, heartaches, joys and lessons learned. Most of the time it's verses I've read during my time in the Word that really impact me.

So, last night, like I said, I was writing. I flipped back to the beginning to see how long ago I had started this particular one. I was shocked! It had been over a year and I still had a good quarter of the journal left to fill. This is usually very unusual for me. In the past, I would fill up one in just half a year.

I realized how much this little blog of mine has impacted my actual writing. I probably have many more memories and thoughts actually recorded then I ever have. However, they are on the computer with pictures and links rather than with a pen and paper. I am OK with this though. The most important thing is that I keep a record, right? And there are so many things that I will never talk about here that I do keep closed up in a book. But any time I want, I can click back and see what my life was like. And at the end of this month, it will be 4 years worth of memories. Kinda love that....

ps...I woke up singing this song today.

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