November 20, 2009

Friday Finds

I found quite a few fun, fantastic things this week, so I decided to share....

Modern Family gets better every week. This week it was hysterical. Saw it on Hulu.

There were some amazing crafty ideas on Smile and Wave this week (and last). I've already made one of these and have worn it about 10 times.

Scrubs is back in just a few short weeks! This promo made me laugh out loud. As perfectly, perfect the "series" finale was last season and as much as I don't want to ruin the magic that it was, there's no way I'm missing this! ps....Photos like this one (posted on his Facebook page) don't do anything to help my TV crush. So adorable.

Was reminded how much I love this blog this week. Had to put in my reader. This post was adorable!

Katie's (Amazima) post this week about loving others is going to be one of those thoughts I remember forever. So profound. So humbling.

I really want to go see this movie this weekend. (No, it's not New Moon.)

There's a pretty good chance I'll be taking a spur of the moment trip to NYC next month to go see the Tim Burton exhibit at the MoMA.

Just LOVE this adorable garland by Rachel. She always picks the best color combos.

I'm almost caught up on Lost (thanks once again, Hulu) season 5. Watching it all at once is SO much better. The final few episodes were posted this week. Knitting/crafting TV for sure.

Look at this cutey who just came home forever from Uganda. Her story will melt your heart.

I'm loving these stockings, this cowl and these mittens. Darn knitting habit is taking over my life. I'm not even showing you the ones that I want to make as gifts.

And finally, meet Janie. God placed her on my heart when I read about her about a week ago through another blog. Yesterday, God put one more big reminder in my path, and I realized that it was time to stop fooling around and do something for this little one that was constantly on the forefront of my mind. I'm so excited to be able to help her even in this very small way. ps...she still needs one more sponsor!

Have a great weekend, dear readers! I'm working this weekend, but then I'm off ALL next week (using up those vacation days!) I'll hopefully be crafting the days away (Christmas presents finished in Nov?!!!).


Cottage Girl


RaCeQu said...

Modern Family... I too watched out Hulu and I don't think I've ever laughed out loud that much while staring at a computer screen!

Rachel said...

I love your blog and Modern Family! Sal was hysterical: "I will throw her in the ocean!"