November 13, 2009

yarn is so addicting

I learned to crochet when I was in jr/high school. My mom taught me. I didn't do it again until my 20's. Then my friends learned to knit, so I decided to give it a try. It always looked so disjointed to me, so I learned the continental method. Much less wrapping and dropping of the yarn. Even after learning my stitches, I realized that it just wasn't something I really loved doing. After making easy things like scarves and hats, I put my needles down and didn't really pick them up again for a while.

Once winter rolls around and the cold weather forces me inside, that yarn over in my knitting basket seems to look much more appealing. This year I decided to pull it out and try something a little more challenging. Cableknitting. Knitting on circular needles. Things that looked impossible when you see them written out in pattern form.

Shock of shocks, I realized that I really enjoy the challenge. I look forward to my needles and dream about yarn colors and projects. The local yarn store is so dangerous now because I see mittens and cableknit sweaters when I look at those bundles of colorful delight. And let's face it, no one needs an excuse to purchase MORE crafts supplies! My supplies are over taking my room! And then I went against my better judgement and joined Raverly. Just what I need...more projects to add to my list of "things to make."

Thank goodness it's winter or I would be drowning in inspiration and projects with no time to do any of them. Since it's dark by the time I get home from work each day, I can now give myself an excuse to craft away and get those Christmas presents done before Christmas Eve. It's a handmade Christmas in Cottage Girl world!


Joge said...

I know just the feeling! Granted, you are much more crafty-brave than I, but nonetheless, a craving is a craving. Project plans fill my mind as I drive, cook, brush my teeth and tutor 1st graders in basic addition. I can't help it! This will be my first time making Christmas presents since the 80's and I can't wait! Best wishes on you and your upcoming projects! Let the knititng begin!

Katie's Story said...

YAY for joining Ravelry finally! And welcome to the yard addiction. Next I'll show you around the world of Hyenacart. You'll love it!