November 01, 2009

heart FNL

Oh, how I wish I could go to each of your houses and stick in Friday Night Lights Season 1 disc 1. I just know you would fall in love with this beautiful little show that is seriously the best thing on TV (now and in the last few years).

And all this is coming from a girl who never watches any type of sports. Except maybe golf every now and then. But really, no sports. No football, baseball, basketball. In fact I don't even like to watch sports on TV or in real life. blech.

See, you don't need to love sports to fall in love with the characters that inhabit Dillon, TX. You just need to enjoy good stories. And you need to appreciate writing that only seems to get better with each season. The characters will automatically cause you to fall in love with them and the show.

Ok, I'll stop gushing. Season 4 premiered this past week and I just had to get it out of my system.

*****but seriously. go watch it...or ask for it for Christmas. TV show marathons at Christmas are the bees knees.

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