November 10, 2009

inspired by...

Tonight, I'm feeling very inspired by...

Olivia Bee (It's hard not to "fave" everything she puts on Flickr. I'm in awe of her.)

The Village soundtrack (it's a perfect Fall/Winter movie, isn't it?! I adore the cinematography in that movie. And oh, the music gets me right here {points to heart})

I could watch this scene about 100 times in a row. And almost have.

My Flickr faves (it is stocked with all the best and most inspiring thing right now)

Play mustaches (on a hunt to find some good ones for a photo shoot of my own)

Vintage furniture (I would rather find things in a thrift store or yard sale then go to a regular store at the moment.)

Vintage dishes (see above statement)

1 comment:

Allison Drew said...

1. I LOVE Olivia Bee.
2. People get mad when I talk about that scene from the Village. They just don't understand how beautiful it is.