July 16, 2010

discuss the cinematography

Dear little brother of mine,

Will you please come home and see this movie with me this weekend? I feel that you would be the perfect person to share this big sci fi movie with. You won't mock my choice of movie, nor will you scoff at the 5 other sci fi movies that I will want to see (Tron) after viewing the previews at the beginning. You will boo along with me at the romantic comedy preview that is sure to be in the mix. And you will want to discuss the cinematography and key plot points for this movie in the car ride on the way home. Or at least listen to me as I ramble on about them.

Please? I know a plane ticket from Utah is a lot to ask, but I'll pay for the movie. And maybe some snacks.

Love you,

your big sis

ps...on a totally un-related note....has anyone else
watched this trailer 50 times since it was released? Again, please come quickly holiday season movies. You will be our saving grace in movie world this year.

pssss......I really miss my little brother.


Anonymous said...

Inception is literally the best movie I have ever seen in my life. I loved it. I walked out of the theater and screamed "THAT WAS AWESOME."

cottage girl said...

Lindsey...oh!my!gosh! I have no words for the amazingness that it was.

And did you just want to see it cause Cillian Murphy was in it? I seem to remember that you have a slight obsession with him.

Anonymous said...

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Michael Caine, Ken Watanabe, Marion Cotillard, Ellen Page, CILLIAN MURPHY= perfection. I have always thought that Cillian Murphy would play the role of Dorian Gray effortlessly. I'm trying to convince as many people of this so that someone who makes movies will catch on to his brilliance.

I want to go see Inception a thousand more times. Literally.

Anonymous said...

Sorry that I am just reading this post today. I really wish I could have made a quick trip to MD just to watch this with you. As soon as the movie was over I was thinking to myself that I needed to text you and tell you to go see it immediately. And then when I pulled out my phone, you had already texted me while I was in the movie telling me the same thing. Great minds think alike. I miss you dearly as well. January can't come soon enough.