July 21, 2010

sea creatures

This morning...

Standing on the beach watching the Junior campers (7-10yrs) ride the banana boat. Chatting to the sailing instructor about the day/weather/crazy clouds. Look up and see fins. As in fins in the water.

We actually have skates in our river, so I thought it was just a couple of them flopping around. But no, this was different.

We had dolphins in our river. A small pod of about 20. They were headed out of the river back into the bay.

The boat driver slowed down so the kids on the banana boat could get a good look as they swam right by them. Dolphin sighting banana boating. Our newest activity.

I was giddy and super excited. Dolphins are incredibly cool. Love them.

Then everything went downhill. The jellyfish have been super horrible the last few days. The junior campers on the banana had a major freak out because of said jelly fish, and needed to be rescued from our floating pier. The morning ended with about 15 jelly fish stings up and down my legs. It was like walking through a sea of angel hair spaghetti that burns when it touches you. No fun.

Sea creatures of every type today. Some sting and burn. Some are beautiful and majestic.

I'd like more of the majestic if possible.

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Allison Drew said...

I love this picture.
I do not love jellyfish.