October 13, 2010

above ground

Was anyone else glued to their computer watching this story today?

Now everyone is above ground and safe. Thank you, Jesus!

ps...did anyone else almost have a panic attack just watching the men appear in that tiny capsule? No? Just me? No one else was mentally freaking out at the incredibly tight quarters they rode in for 20 minutes? Well, I was. Every...single...time.


Anonymous said...

I was thinking about YOU and what you would do in that circumstance. They would have to knock you out...

Nick and Kaley said...

I was thinking... What if they're too heavy?? But then I thought... They've been in a 100 degree mine forever with mine rations... probably yes- they'll fit. You know, I would have sawn off my shoulder to get in that capsule and out of the seventh level of miners hell.

cottage girl said...

I think so, Momma. Unconscious would be the only way for me.

K: Agreed.