October 06, 2010

Hey, ladies

A few more wedding pics for those of you (Gina) who have been hounding me for them. I really didn't take very many at all. It was hard to squeeze them in while being in the wedding and posing for the real wedding photographer. Plus, I really just wanted to enjoy every moment and sometimes that hard to do when I'm stuck behind my viewfinder.

Here are all of us girls. This was not at all planned. We had actually just gotten to the reception site and were going inside to put down all of our stuff so we could take photos. One of the girls noticed how perfectly we were arranged and asked one of the boys to take this.

Those dresses...oh, my. Strapless dresses are just awful. Not at all comfortable. The color was great for all of our skin tones though. And thankfully, they were extra long, so we could take off our shoes (which were impossible to walk in) and slip into something more comfy at the reception. Had to have some proper dancing shoes on!

There is always that one invaluable bridesmaid that makes everything run smoothly. Tobey was amazing. Running here and there and making sure everyone was where they needed to be. She gave me lots of rides around Lynchburg to and from the multitude of different places we needed to be. So giving and kind and thoughtful. Loved her!

I went to college with her older brother. Jenny was the matron of honor. Mom of two. And this was her second matron of honor-ship in 2 weeks. That's right. One right after the other. Yikes!

With the beautiful bride during photos. The light was absolutely perfect when we arrived at the reception site. It was so beautiful there!

In the Hummer limo on the way to the reception. It fit all 16 of us easily with room to spare. No joke.

And Jacquelyn. I went to Scotland and England with her back in the day. I watched her grow up at camp when her dad (who also married the bride and groom) was the director at camp for years. She and her "little" sister (who is now about 2 ft taller than me and in middle school) were the highlight of the reception. Dancing all over the place. It was hysterical.

These girls made the whole experience extra fun. We had such a great time together celebrating Ashley's big day. And the reception and dancing was so much fun with them.

Such fun memories!


tp said...

these are all beautiful. just beautiful.... and you?!? simply stunning.

Gina said...

FIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNally. And hounding is a bit of an exaggeration as I refrained from commenting on your last post about Surfing?????? Imagine my disappointment at that one. GEESH!!!!
Beautiful, gorgeous, stunning.
And thank you!!