October 25, 2010

silly question

I get asked this question often....

"Is it hard now that most of your bestest friends are married and have kids?"

What do you think?

I always, without hesitation answer an emphatic "no way!" There is nothing better than bunches of nieces and nephews to love and hug and snuggle and play with. I mean these friends are pretty much family anyway. Their kids are some of the coolest human beings in the world.

I love, love, love all these precious little ones!


Anonymous said...

Is this Jessica#2... or what???

stephanie said...

I was thinking the same thing :)

cottage girl said...

Corban (1st photo) and Charis (2nd photo) had me laughing the entire time I was with them. They are better dancers than I am. Those girls melted my heart to a giant puddle. Love them!