October 21, 2010

geeking out

I'm sorry to do yet another TV post, but I can't stop geeking out over this.

In my box waiting for me when I returned from LU reunion weekend 2010 was the newest issue of Entertainment Weekly. (Yes, I subscribe. A few years ago I stumbled on this incredible deal where I can get a whole year's subscription for $10. Heck, yes, I'm still doing it!) The Reunion Issue its called. It's magic.

The Reunion Issue (on stands now) is dedicated to reuniting casts of iconic movies and TV shows. Some of my very favorites were included.

I still pop in seasons 1 and 2 of Alias in the DVD player when I need a pick me up. So fun and crazy. It's really hard not to love Sydney Bristow.....and Michael Vaughn.

Is it sad that I still miss Gilmore Girls every Tuesday night? Still. Not even kidding. At least I have Parenthood to help ease the pain.

I was (and still am) a big sucker for the behind the scenes stuff from all the LoTR extended versions. I've watched them more times than I can count. And don't get me started on the cast commentaries.... Great, now I need a spare 10 hours 'cause I'm dying to watch them again.

The issue is on stands now. You can see it here. And the videos are lots of fun too.

TV gushing ends here....for now at least.

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samwise gamgee!!