October 14, 2010

sweet reunion

Ok, I've been trying to contain my excitement over what is about to happen this weekend. Mostly I've been ignoring it and not letting my self get excited. But today is here and I'm done with being adult about it. I'm giddy and happy and bouncing off the walls.

Two of my bestest friends from college. My college roommates (1 for all 4 years and the other for 2 years). The girls who helped teach me what friendship is all about in life. We are ALL going to be together this long weekend. 6 whole days. I'm smiling like a crazed person just typing that.

These girls mean the world to me. They get me. They are amazing Godly women. We laugh together. We cry together. We can not see each other for years and instantly pick back up where we left off. Friendships like that are pure gold.

So, I'm signing off for a few days to bask in the wonder of friendship.


a very happy and excited Cottage Girl

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stephanie said...

You guys all look SO NICE! What a great picture! Hope you all have fun this weekend! 6 days of friendship sounds fantastic!